Give your home a festive natural look without the mess of a real tree. Get yourself a tidy, needle-free floor with Straame Artificial Christmas Tree; it has all the charm of the real thing without the mess that comes with it. 

With the traditional rich green colour and bushy tips, Straame Christmas Tree will spruce up any room in the house during the holiday season. ItsIt's simple yet natural style allows you to decorate it with your favourite trinket Christmas ornaments to match your festive theme, adorn it within your taste, and light it up to transform it into the focal point of your festive decorations. Spread the branches, play Christmas carols, and let the fun begin! 

Easy to set up, all you need to do is put the three pieces together carefully guide all the branches downward into place, layer by layer. Supported by a robust metal foldable base, the tree will stand tall and proud all Christmas Season. Once that January comes, you can disassemble the tree and store it away until next year. Take good care of Straame Christmas Tree, and it will be the highlight element of your Christmas decoration years to come. The full foliage look is given by the number of realistic tips. The 4ft Christmas Tree has 230 tips, the 5ft has 450 tips and the 6ft has 600 tips.  



  • BUSHY ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE: Add a warm and festive feeling to your house with a Straame Artificial Christmas Tree. A realistic and natural-looking tree to complete your space during Christmas time. A stunning centerpiece to all Christmas decorations. Ensure your home looks magical during this time. The full foliage look is given by the number of realistic tips. The 4ft Christmas Tree has 230 tips, the 5ft has 450 tips and the 6ft has 600 tips.  
  • FULL NATURAL LOOK: It is designed in a traditional teardrop shape (narrow at the top and wide at the bottom) to create a natural tree silhouette. Once the branches are fully opened and fluffed out, the Straame Christmas tree will bring the appearance of a full-bodied tree without the fuss and mess of traditional trees. It will help to set the right holiday mood. 
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLY: No more hoovering up needles! Straame Artificial tree is super easy to set up. All you have to do is carefully put the 3 pieces together and spend some time fluffing up your tree by gently pulling all the branches into place. Easy to store away once January arrives, you can use it year after year. Assembly instructions are included. 
  • STURDY METAL STAND: Straame artificial 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft trees come with a foldable metal base that will support the Christmas tree and keep it standing upright. Sturdy and resistant, the stand will help to keep your tree in place. 
  • DURABLE CHRISTMAS DECORATION: Take good caresafe care of your artificial Christmas tree, and it can last many Christmases. The trees are builtmade withof long-lasting material and flame-resistant artificial pine branches. The included sturdy metal base also enables the tree to endure many holiday seasons. Decorate it with different ornaments and gifts: the Christmas tree will be an eye-catching hit and draw all the attention in the room. 

Straame Artificial Christmas Tree, Natural Look Branches Bushy Christmas Tree