• POTTY TRAINING SEAT: Straame toddler training seat is suitable for boys and girls. Your kid will be comfortable and secure enough to go to the toilet on its own. The toilet seat will provide them with the confidence and security they need for growing up. This padded toilet seat is suitable for most toilet seats, and the installation takes only a few seconds.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Made with the child's body in mind, the design of Straame Toilet Seat is comfortable and supportive. The high backrest, along with the splash guard in the front of the toilet seat, will make potty training easier for you and your baby.
  • SOFT REMOVABLE CUSHION: Straame toilet seat for kids comes with two padded cushions, easily removable thanks to the Velcro attachments. Having two cushions allows you to rotate while cleaning one of them. You can clean it with warm water or with some disinfectant wipes. The extra padded cushions are made with a soft and skin-friendly friendly material that won't damage your child's sensitive skin.
  • SECURE BUILT-IN HANDLES: The baby seat comes with built-in rubber handles for a more feeling of security for your toddler. Your child can easily grab the handles while using the potty-training seat to prevent falling. The handles increase stability and safety.
  • BABY TOILET SEAT: Made of high-quality non-toxic material. The four non-slip rubber strips and an adjustable bar attachment hold the baby toilet seat after placing it on the adult toilet seat to prevent it from coming off. This adds extra stability and safety.

Straame Baby Toilet Seat, Potty Training Seat for Toddlers with Handles